The Adventures of Peter and Wendy

Cast Requirements

6 Men
6 Women
6 or More Children

Every night, Peter and his fairy, Tinkerbell, fly to the window and peer in at the Darling children  But one night Peter talks to them.  His  stories of his magical island, are so irresistable that the children just have to travel there with him! Peter and the children (along with some friendly Indians) do battle with Captain Hook and his band. But wait!  Someone else is looking for Captain Hook. A certain “Madame Crocodile,” a crazed Cajun cook  who has a book of  21 recipes  “How to Prepare Pirate.”  In a beautiful ceremony, the children are inducted into the Indian tribe.  The Pirates capture the children and try to trick Peter into drinking poison! Tinkerbell hears of this terrible plan and saves him by drinking the poison herself! Will Tinkerbell die? Only the audience can save her!  How? By singing a song! The lesson is learned that all children (except perhaps Peter) must eventually grow up.


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