Snow White and the 7 Dwarves

Cast Requirements

5 Men
5 Women
7 Dwarves

This version contains a mirror who moves, and will only answer if you speak in rhyme.  Also, the Queen has a sister and several bumbling court attendants.  In the prologue, the father of three daughters does a favor for a Wizard. Each daughter is granted a single wish…One wishes to be a beautiful Queen.  One wishes to be a powerful Witch. One wishes to be married and have a beautiful child. 

When Snow White’s parents die, she is sent to live with her aunt, the Queen.  The Queen’s sister, the witch, sends the Queen a mirror as a gift.  The Witch needs assistance.  Her powers are waning and the only spell that can help requires “A locket from the pocket of a princess that is pure.”   Snow White has such a locket, and when the jealous Queen finds out the Snow White is living in the forest with seven little miners, she goes off to snatch the locket.  The other members of the court, a prince and the dwarfs thwart the Queen’s evil plan.  The Queen is trapped in an ugliness spell and learns the lesson of the play, “YOU’RE THE MIRROR OF EV’RY DEED YOU DO!”



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